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Savings Account

Open a new savings account and make planning for your regular expenses convenient. You can accommodate your financial needs when making big purchases or meeting unexpected expenses. You also earn interest on the non-utilized savings in your account.


1. Open a Savings Account with no hidden costs with top Indian and MNC banks
2. Free Unlimited ATM transactions across the country
3. International Debit Card
4. Free Phone Banking
5. Free payable at par Chequebook
6. Transfer of funds across all branches.
7. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) through the internet banking channel.
8. Electronic Bill Payment service
9. Smartserv - Personal Assistance Service
10. Statement of Account through E-mail.
11. RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) transactions at all branches.
12. Mobile Banking services.
13. And many more features, Apply now
14. Apply once to get best saving account offer from top 60 banks

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